SkyJet Airlines

Stop Driving, Start Flying


Your on the runway, ready for takeoff, you slowly apply full power. The engines fire up. Your speed slowly increases.... 10kts, 30kts....

Your co-pilot calls out "V1".... "VR" "Rotate" You gently pull back on your yoke and before you know it... Your flying, On your way to your next destination. On your way to flying for SkyJet Airlines.


Why Us?

Welcome to the home of SkyJet airlines, the world's best airline. No matter where you are on SkyJet, everything that SkyJet is speaks of quality and expertise. Our pilots are all well-trained specialists, and many of our workers have been in the business for a very long time. We treat our employees and our customers well, and we hope that you will consider flying with us and notice the difference. Stop driving, start flying.

 - SkyJet Airlines®

About Us (A brief autobiography)

SkyJet consists of reliable specialists, many with over 30 years of experience. We are not like many other businesses, who are just in it for the money. We care about each person's individuals needs and work to meet those needs so that everyone on our planes can enjoy flying. We take the time to listen to customer feedback and have high quality versions of everything, with more economical solutions as well. Even for the highest quality of things, we accurately price everything and try to make our prices as economical as possible. We are a Christian-owned business and have a commitment to the Highest Quality of everything and are committed to a better environment as well. We hope you will fly with us and will keep coming back.

A Note To Everyone

SkyJet is currently not an airline and still has a long ways to go. This website is basically our plan for the future of this airline. We do, however, have an amazing virtual airline that is available to the public. Please stay tuned for any news on it if your a virtual airline fan!

Come Fly With Me- Robert Sinatra
Carlton's Mac (Carlton's Mac's Album)

We did not make or create "Come Fly With Me" and all rights go to Frank Sinatra.